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Baylor's gone. Texas wins on a walk-off home run in the 9th. Baylor added to it's woes by stranding a ton of men on base as usual (at least twice on 3rd). And the ump made a horrible call in the 5th or 6th on 1st, nobody out, full count....a strike called on a ball that is a foot outside and the catcher throws out the runner at 2nd. so two outs, nobody on, instead of 1st and 2nd with no outs. But the strike zone has been... erratic, to put it as charitably as possible... all Series long, (sometimes) benefiting Baylor too (though not in so big a situation), so what else is new? And Texas' tying run did so after interfering/shoving/running over both the first baseman, causing the ball to go rolling all the way to the ball and allowing him to go all the way to 3rd, and then the catcher who was in FRONT of the freaking plate, not blocking it, didn't even have a foot on the 3rd base line until he braced himself to make the catch from the right fielder. He probably could have slid safely in both instances, so that's not really the complaint, but he would have been at 1st, not at 3rd, had he not popped the 1bman.

Normally I'd cheer for the Big XII team, even if it beat Baylor to get where it is, but I don't know if I can manage that in this circumstance.

Still, hats off to another great year from another Baylor team!

Baseball blogging will now be interrupted by our regularly scheduled broadcast...


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