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Hallward Bound

Cam Neely was today inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. What a great player, and would have been greater if not for nagging injuries. I know my pal cq (not CQ) will be even more thrilled than I. Neely was at the end of his career when I first started following hockey, but he was one of my faves and the second biggest reason (behind my all time favorite player, Ray Bourque) that the Boston Bruins were my favorite team (and still my second favorite after the Bourque trade to the Colorado Avalanche, my new and forever favorites with the likes of Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic). Also, he starred in my favorite ESPN commercial ever ("You guys wanna kick my dog while you're here?" heehee! (update: John Buccigross notes the commercial too)).

This only makes me all the sadder that there are no Stanley Cup Playoffs, meanwhile the execrable NBA Finals are starting. I don't particularly like the Pistons, but I have to cheer for them over the hometown Spurs, who cannot be allowed to exceed my Rockets' 2 Championships.

Anyway, congrats Cam!

Update 2: This, on the other hand, pisses me off. The NHL to have shootouts?!? Paah! A shootout is a piss poor way to decide a game. Soccer has shootouts. Soccer sucks (sorry Bandit). I wasn't particularly happy with the guaranteed point even for an OT loss either though, but I came to accept it (it did make teams more willing to take some risks to win a game in OT rather than settle for a tie), and so long as we can keep epic multi-OT games come playoff time, I'll probably survive ;-)


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