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Hardberger wins (The post formerly known as "SA mayoral runoff")

watched a bit of the debate last week, and it was pretty painful. castro actually came off better than i expected (well, hardberger just more curmudgeonly and maybe petty, really) but still no way I was going to vote for him. poll last night on the news said hardberger had (i think) a 5 point lead! and castro uttered the immortal "the only poll that matters is the one tomorrow" line, which means he's toast.

watch this space for results later tonight

Update (c. 11:30 pm): with 96.6% of the vote counted, Hardberger leads Castro by exactly 2,500 votes, 51% to 49%. Doing some quick calculations...125,523 votes counted so far, leaving 4417 votes to count. Castro would need to win 3459 of those, or 78.3% to win. This thing is effectively over (of course if he can come near that it will trigger a runoff, not sure what the threshhold is).

Update 2 (c. 11:40 pm): went to add the link to the tally sheet which i forgot to add a moment ago, only to find that in the time it took me to make the calculations, 100% vote count has been achieved, and Hardberger has indeed won. Stunningly not the case for my runoff pick in District 6, Ray Lopez (not sure about District 7 runoff, but that makes at least 2 of 3 that the leader of the original round of voting came up short).


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