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If I didn't tell you...

If I didn't tell you that these acts were committed by the American press, and against Truth as much as people, you would surely have thought they had been committed by the Nazis, by the Soviets in their gulags, or by some made regime, Pol Pot or others.

Whoops. Don't think I'll get the support of the New York Times for that one. But given the media's spectacular ability to disappear quotes, or to bury them, or to cut them up to say exactly the opposite of what the speaker said, seems more accurate than Sen. Durbin, no?

The Anchoress mentions two such recent events: spinning the repetition of an old joke to make it seem Billy Graham is endorsing Hillary, and the NYT burying Dems saying no torture at Gitmo to the gulags of page A19.

It must be pure torture for the media when the truth gets out.


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