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The President Speaks

...grabs the media by the shoulders, glares straight into their eyes and commands, "Listen to me you little twits!" Ahhh...

Oh. Yeah, I thought Bush's speech was pretty good, but could have been better. I think he needed some more Natan Sharansky and Arthur Chrenkoff in there. But, as Rocket Man notes, "There was nothing in it that we and our readers didn't already know, but the message is one that many rarely hear." I think that is very true and must be kept in mind. While it may not seem like a whole lot to those of us who are actually informed, those of us who get it, for the majority who are kept in the dark by the media, this may have opened some eyes. I (as always) wish he would have been more scathing to his detractors, but he was (as always, never rising to the bait) the statesman, so it was as expected there. That said, he did offer some very nice, very subtle digs ("chaos for the cameras," etc). And the second half really did come to life and was pretty moving (not to the level of his best speeches, but that's a very high standard) after a somewhat slow start.

I give it a B+, but he needs to do more of these, and have Chrenkoff's page opened as a crib sheet.

ETA: just heard on Hugh's show (tape delayed here in SA) that Terry Moran's sole analysis on ABC was to indicate the troops didn't like it (they only clapped when Bush's guys started it), when in fact they had been told not to applaud beforehand. disgusting, but the beat goes on for the MSM. same crap they pulled with Bush's speech to the UN earlier this (last?) year.


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