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Should We Support Ben Nelson?

I'm almsot convinced we should. I am of the firm belief that credit must be given to Democrats brave enough to stand up to the destructive special interests that control the far leftist leadership of the party. I think we should help these people save their party and reclaim control of it, because ultimately two rational parties are good for this country. Ultimately saving their party may save ours, lest in the absence of any serious, relevant, morally coherent opposition, we lose sight of our own accountability and become that despicable thing which they already are.

Fortunately for the short term good and the necessary business that had to be done, we were able to make huge gains in recent election cycles. Sadly, however, this came largely at the expense of the small minority of the minority that are actually sane, good people. Perhaps the party must be burned to the ground before it can be rebuilt anew with serious, thoughtful, moderate people. I certainly don't want the lies of the loons, the newspeak on matters of faith that Daffy Dean thinks will win elections (fine job he's doing of that, btw), to succeed in brainwashing the foolish, only to betray them. And if we give them an inch, they will. But it is frustrating that this destruction seemingly must begin with the few respectable members of the party. Going back to my comment on California Mafia's balkanization point a few days ago, there have long been many more Democrat senators from red states than vice-versa, proving it is not Republicans who are intransigent fundamentalists. That gap is, perhaps necessarily and fairly, but distrurbingly nonetheless for the future prospects of civil discourse, shrinking.

In the same vein, though I would very much hate to lose Senator Santorum, as one of the best senators in the country, there could be a lot worse people to lose him to than Casey (whose father, too, even as he is now, was destroyed by his own party because he was prolife (someone correct me if I am wrong)). If only we could get expansion of such a Reasonable Democratic Caucus at the expense of elitist bigots and lunatics like Tedward Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer. Or even Lincoln Chafee or John McCain.

Perhaps it's too early in the forging of a permanent center-right coalition to save a Ben Nelson. Perhaps we should encourage ben nelsons, but not this one. But damn the far left for making it so. And perhaps, despite my longing for the good a strong two party system can do, it is the fault of this very system that such polarization and fracturing are occurring. But now I'm rambling, and so I'll sign off with the question unanswered: should we support Ben Nelson?

ETA: Of course, perhaps the destruction of the lockstep left will free us to debate more freely amongst ourselves. Hmm. Perhaps I'm being needlessly concerned. Destroy 'em!

ETA2: By this, I also absolutely do NOT mean to justify the already-developing Democrat meme against one-party rule that will be their only argument to vote for them but which will only serve to preserve the extremists' power. If we can Daschle a few more of them, perhaps we'll force them to run true moderates. Forget I said anything, LOL.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Santorum is a lunatic and a hypocrite - limit pain and suffering awards for everyone but him and his wife, fearing people will marry their pets (either he's lying or a worse kook than we though). He's going down this year. I guess Bush will appoint him ambassador to some obscure oil-soaked regime.

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