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I'm not really here, but this is too great not to post on... blogging will probably continue to be light until next week.

WOOHOO!!!! Baylor rallies from a 7-0 hole in the 7th inning to beat Tulane in the College World Series, sending them to a rematch against a Texas team that beat them in their opener, but which they had beaten 4 times in as many attempts until that point this season. Gotta beat them 2 straight times to advance to the finals though, a tall order.

The best part of this whole thing is that I had given up on the game in the second inning when, down 3-0 already, an error that should have been an inning-ending third out put a runner on second (and then he scored after stealing 3rd with noone paying attention), before adding two more to make it 6-0 through 1 1/2. Then I got a call this evening to renew my alumni association membership...the guy told me the Bears had scored 3 in the 7th and had a couple men on in the we were speaking, I heard a huge cheer from the other people working the phones in the background...7-5! After I renewed my membership, I went and watched the end of the 8th (no more runs, yet)...9th inning comes around, and in karmic fashion, with the bases loaded, 1 out, 7-6, what could have been the second out in a game-ending double play gets by the first baseman, just as it had the Baylor first baseman in the 2nd inning, ensuring no out (probably was safe anyway, but at worst would have left it a tie game), and 2 runs score to give Baylor the 8-7 victory!!!

Sic 'em Bears!!!


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