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Thomas for CJ!

I'm on the bandwagon. Let me say this: Scalia is by far my favorite Supreme Court Justice, and it's not even close. His wit, scathing rebukes or quizzical bemusement alike, is a delight. But I think they are better suited to an associate justice. As Chief, I think he'd have to rein himself in a bit more, and that's no fun. Thomas has a quieter demeaner, and is probably better liked by his colleagues (as an odd aside, I read somewhere that Scalia's best friend among his fellows was Ginsberg, how's that for dogs lying down with cats?). Of course, it's interesting that Little Harry thinks Thomas is an embarrassment but Scalia as chief would be just peachy. And I sort of doubt whether Thomas has any desire to go through the confirmation battle again.

So I think an outsider as Chief might make the most sense. And I think that guy will be John Roberts. I'm starting to think we really might get Rehnquist and O'Connor stepping down together, and Bush will replace the departing pals with pals Roberts and Luttig. For the same reason I think Clarence Thomas would make a better CJ than Antonin Scalia (though to a lesser extent), Roberts will be the next CJ. I wish Bush could nominate McConnell, Garza, and Clement too, though. And, as a Texan, I of course already liked Senator Cornyn, but his actions and words in recent months have raised his stature in my eyes immensely, to the point where he's almost as great as Hutchinson, and I'd be thrilled to see him get a nod too (though that would mean we'd have to replace one of our awesome senators - does any other state boast two such excellent and distinguished senators? I think not. Off the top of my head, Kansas, with Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts, is the only one that's even close...that would be a fun game, name the best and worst 5 senate pairs...Massachussetts is definitely at the top of the bad). Ooh, new thought just struck me in this stream of consciousness judgeblogging: I wonder if KBH's decision not to leave the Senate for the State House had anything to do with a tip from Bush Cornyn may indeed be donning black robes again, and that both of the state's senate seast being vacated at once was undesireable...??? So maybe Garza for CJ and Cornyn for AJ?

Update: K-Lo posts over at Bench Memos that Reid has a problem with Sen. Cornyn (but the big question is what Dustin, or whatever the little urchin's name was, thinks). In my mind, that could mean he thinks Bush may nominate him. Yay for wild speculation!


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