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Conspiracy Theories

been taking a break, which will continue, but I should say something rather than just disappear. so some sporadic blogging will continue for the next few days.

so a couple thoughts on Washingtonian intrigue the past few days...

first the Plame game. AJ Strata has been blogging up a storm, especially (but not just) on this issue. I don't know if I'd go quite as far as AJ's counter-conspiracy conspiracy theory (though I find it quite plausible), but it certainly makes much more sense than the loonies on the left wetting themselves over the prospect of getting their boogeyman, Karl Rove. The silence from the WH was a bit troubling, although that is their standard M.O., and my biggest complaint, that Bush doesn't fight back with the truth often and forcefully enough, always proves misguided. AJ has a whole category devoted just to the subject, so I'll just point you there, rather than ramble on about what he's already covered better.

second, a slightly older theory is that of Gerry Daly at Daly Thoughts (been searching for the post for ever now and can't find it, so I'll just link to the front page): that John McCain has orchestrated the whole Gang of 14 thing to win the Presidency when he saves Bush's nominee by gravely announcing that despite his best efforts, the Democrats continue to be unreasonable, and he sadly must push the red button. I also find this plausible, and though McCain has been the one Republican I was unsure I could vote for for President in 08 even if that meant effectively being a vote for Hillary, if it is so, this would be so astonishingly brilliant (cynical and self-serving, yes, but brilliant nonetheless) that I would vote for him out of pure respect (probably not in the primary, but if he should win it, I'd vote for him in the general election). My hope continues to be Condi, though, even if I'm not sure she matches my value set 100%. But she's pretty close, an extraordinary candidate, and she's the closest thing I can imagine to voting for W to have a third straight term.


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