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everything old is new again

Iran's new "president" a "former" terrorist? Just like Abbas...

And who put Michael Moore in Brian Williams' NBC anchor chair? Dude, that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" shtick should be left to globular mad cow filmmakers. And they're not "our" founding fathers anyway. They're mine, you Canadian scum (ok, I take that back. I like Canadia, eh. They gave us hockey, afterall. But some Canadians are still scum, just like some Americans. Americans so dim or dishonest that they could make draw such parallels with a straight face).

Perhaps I don't quite understand the complete usage of the phrase "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" but I'm surprised to see LGF didn't share some of Rather's wealth with Mr. Williams. Beating up one idiot reporter's as good as another, right? Also, I now see from the quote provided that Williams didn't claim our founding fathers as his own (error based just on an approximate quotation provided in conversation on the radio this morning). Which at least makes him better than other lefties in that he's not causing them to roll in their graves by bastardizing and usurping their names and legacies. Well, ok, he is. But not by trying to attach himself to them.


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