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looks like my Garza/Cornyn speculation may have some viability (ht: Red State). was ready to rule out Cornyn just yesterday too, before today's Red State, though that may be a Red Herring (hehe I'm so clever).

I of course also like Luttig and Roberts. Becoming a bit more skittish about McConnell...anyone who has that much support from liberal academia has to scare you ;-) I doubt Owen or Brown (or Pryor), because there are too many good nominees as it is, and I think in their cases the Dems could at least make a slight case against them (though more a rhetorical/P.R. one than a real one, namely that they lack experience - though experience on the appellate courts of course is no requirement), though they'd be excellent. Ediths Clement or Jones would also be good choices, as increasing the court's minority memberships would be an impressive Bush legacy (Hispanics 0 to 1 (Garza or Gonzales), African Americans 1 to 2 (Rogers Brown), and women 2 to 3 (Rogers Brown and Owen/Clement/Jones)...but this would assume 3 vacancies AND mean no Luttig or Roberts). So I think Garza's a pretty good bet, as well as at least one of the women (wouldn't hazard a guess as to which one though, but I think it is important that we get a pro life woman on the high court, though the dems would oppose this as nastily as a minority conservative, as they are of course in the business of keeping minds closed, not opening them as a role model for young minorities or women might do), and either Luttig or Roberts (the latter may be slightly more likely as he'd probably be a bit easier to get through, and would be a gift to Rehnquist). Also, I don't know (I'd think rather not) if it's possible that Bush would have promised a Ginsberg or Stevens that if they retire he'd replace them with a supposedly pro-choice Gonzales, which could replace the Garza pick.

Also, as I sort of wondered about earlier (reverse-Souter), John at Power Line thinks if Bush does nominate Gonzales, it could mean he's more conservative than we think. Also still not convinced the recusal issue is a problem if its what Bush wants.

But the best (or at least funniest) potential nominee? Robert Bork (thanks to a commenter at PoliPundit). Or Judge Judy (ht also a commenter at PoliPundit).


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