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Rehnquist: "I'm not dead yet!"

Court watchers respond, "He'll be stone dead in a moment."

In other news, Senator Tedward Kennedy threatened to hold his breath until President Bush consulted with him and promised not to nominate extremist wackos like himself. This had the positive side effect of changing his misidentifying reddish hue to a more appropriate blue.

No, I don't expect more respect in the retirement process to mean anything for increased chances of respect in the confirmation process.

as far as SCOTUS goes, my thoughts when it looked like might get a 3-fer was Jones (or maybe Rogers Brown), Roberts (or maybe Luttig), and Gonzales. now that it looks likely we'll only get 1 at a time, I'm less certain. Roberts still seems likely (and it might prompt Rehnquist to step down since he gets his guy). McConnell's stock may have risen too. Erick at Confirm Them thinks it's Glendon. I also think I agree with those who think a Roberts (or McConnell) now make Edith Jones or Janice Rogers Brown more probable to replace the Chief (and I think nominating a pro-life woman to CJ would be great, though McConnell/Roberts for AJ and then a promotion to CJ is very possible). I also won't rule out Garza, but I think Bush is still holding Gonzales out for a Stevens retirement, which could lessen Garza's chances (not that Bush couldn't or wouldn't nominate two Hispanics, but that seems to be the common calculus).


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