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Internet's been down for the past couple days, finally back up. Still just some brief obligatory thoughts for now, though.

Like most everyone else, I like the pick a bunch. And wow, I was sorta, kinda right. Though my speculation a couple days ago that Roberts could be the pick, with Jones or Rogers Brown to replace the CJ, seems to be on track, I still fully expected a woman this time around.

Not that I don't have some concerns about how he'll turn out, I think such nervousness is only natural. His unanimous voice vote, his support from some on the left (and the muted criticism thus far) is all troubling, the same concerns I had for McConnell. Odd to note the concern over Clement's unanimous approval when it looked like she was the pick, but almost no concern over same for Roberts. But there are very promising signs from him. His wife having been a vice president for Feminists for Life is the best part, IMO. Conservatives that know him, like Hugh Hewitt, are very enthusiastic. Not to mention President Bush is clearly very enthusiastic. Despite any (limited) concerns, with a little reason prevailing, I come back to the fact that there would be some natural nervousness pretty much regardless of the nominee, no less for McConnell, or Clement, or Gonzales. And I keep coming back to the fact, as I said before, that I trust the President, and I believe anyone he chooses to appoint will be fine. Verdict: Still Chillin'.

Looks like we're getting a Rehnquist for O'Connor, a Scalia for Rehnquist, and an O'Connor for Stevens/Ginsberg*. That's just fine with me.

* though I wouldn't rule out someone more conservative for S or G, especially if Bush gets to replace them both, which I kind of doubt - an older conservative like Glendon or Wilkinson especially could probably get an easier confirmation with a tenure on the bench more likely to be 15 years than 30. Also would not be surprised with Clement for S/G and a Garza- or an Estrada-like nominee to replace the Chief, though I think (and would rather) a conservative woman next.

So I'm sticking with Edith Jones (or Janice Rogers Brown) to replace Rehnquist (in a year or half that). And I'll predict Roberts gets about 76 votes for confirmation (a rather sad number, and infuriating revelation of the extremism of the Democrat party, considering Ginsberg and Breyer, much further left-of-center nominees than Roberts is right-of-center got 10 or 20 more votes each).


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