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Paul at Power Line perfectly sums up the Democrats' dishonesty in the upcoming Supreme Court battle, especially in regards to their use of the "Orrin Hatch" gambit. If the Dems really want a similar situation (which they of course don't), it is contingent upon them, not the President. The fair comparison, as Paul states, would be:

"I'll support John Ashcroft for the Supreme Court, but you'd be better off nominating Janice Rogers Brown, John Roberts, or Michael McConnell."

The objection of Sen. Hatch to Babbitt being primarly that he was a politician, this could also effectively end speculation about Sen. Cornyn (although he was a judge before he was a politician).


Blogger Unserious Talker said...

Some of the best Justices were politicians - Warren and John Marshall come to mind immediately. They tend to work harder for unaniminity in the big cases.

8:41 PM  
Blogger guest said...

I'm not saying anything about the merits or the lack thereof of a politician as a judge, sorry if I gave that impression. As I've said previously, Sen. Cornyn has greatly impressed me these past few months, and I think I'd be happy enough to see him on the bench. I'm just pointing out that if the Lefties really want Clinton-Hatch to be the model, a rejection of an Ashcroft (or even a Cornyn) would be comparable; rejection of a Luttig or a Roberts is not.

Paul does have a new post up at Power Line that questions if a political striving for unanimity is always preferrable, which I think is a pertinent question. But just that, a question, a salient point. It may not always be for the good, but that does not mean it always is not...and I don't think he is saying anything more than that.

11:25 PM  

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