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SCOTUS prediction

The next high school to be constructed in the NISD in San Antonio, Texas will bear the name Emilio Garza High School. (All the high schools in this district are named for Supreme Court Justices, the newest one* having been named after Sandra Day O'Connor. It's a safe bet that a city with a Hispanic majority won't wait long in honoring the first Hispanic to serve on the high court).

* or one of, at least, about 8 (?) years old now... what the heck? just went to their web site and I see there are 2 newer schools, Earl Warren and John Paul Stevens??? Why not a Felix Frankfurter High School (a very quatoable justice). Others are John Jay, John Marshall, Tom C. Clark, Oliver Wendell Holmes, William Howard Taft.


Blogger Unserious Talker said...

No Cardozo HS?

As far as a predicition, I think my "too" scenario holds and we see a CJ Janis Rogers Brown and an AJ Gonzales.

And then we wait for Stevens to retire.

5:47 PM  
Blogger guest said...

Cardozo wasn't Hispanic he was Portuguese/Jewish.

I'm beginning to wonder if this meme has been started, not as an honest mistake, but with the express intent on the part of the left to try and lessen the impact of Bush putting the first Hispanic on the SC.

I also think your "too" scenario is still pretty likely (point: Bush isn't going to name a nominee until week after next, gives plenty of time for the process of replacing Rehnquist to catch up; counterpoint: Rehnquist may not want to step down until there is a guarantee that the court won't be shorthanded with only 7 sitting justices because of Democrat obstruction, and those 7 members having an even greater leftward-tilt by percentage than the current 9)

6:42 PM  
Blogger guest said...

Oh, and if it's too, it could be Gonzo, though as I say above, he could be held over for a replacement of Ginsburg or Stevens, but either way it would lessen the chances of Garza somewhat.

I'd say Roberts and Jones, with Gonzo as his 3rd nominee if he gets the chance. Or Gonzo and Jones, with Roberts 3rd, if he's not sure if he'll get the chance.

Could be Brown, but I still think any of the "deal-saved" jurists are at somewhat longer odds.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Unserious Talker said...

My wondering about Cardozo was only because he was one of the two most influential jurists of the 20th, seems strange that they would pick Stevens over him (unless all the Justices they've picked have been from Texas, that would make a bit more sense).

As far as the Court being short handed, O'Connor said her resignation is effective at the confirmation of her replacement, meaning she'll be back if the Dems play games until October.

With Gonzales, it's a tough call... him replacing Stevens or Ginsburg (or Souter, a guy can dream, right?) would fit into my argument of replacing a lefty with what you called a "squishy". On the other hand, Bush's loyalty is pretty strong.

With Brown, it'll be hard for the Dems to argue she's not qualified after having approved her for the "second most powerful court in the land". Besides, I really like the idea of the Dems going after a self-made black woman right before an election.

Should get interesting...

8:51 PM  
Blogger guest said...

sorry, I misunderstood why you asked about Cardozo (and I'm a bit chagrined to hear he was one of the most influential, as I don't recall ever hearing about him until recently, although in my defense I've only recently become somewhat interested in the history of the court...also if he was so influential, that makes the myth of "the 2nd Hispanic SCJ" seem even more deliberate).

and no, not all of the schools are after Texas justices (I'm not sure if even one is; I suppose O'Connor could count having been born in El Paso. But certainly the likes of Marshall and Jay lived and died before Texas was a nation, much less a state. also scanning the list of previous justices at the SC website, I recall only seeing one listed as a Texan.

I'm also beginning to wonder just how (if) squishy really Gonzo is. But that's the subject for a post tomorrow.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Unserious Talker said...

Heh, I should have read the list a bit more carefully.

As for Cardozo, his most influential work was while on the New York Court of Appeals (the highest Court in NY) - he basically wrote what is now the law on negligence around the country - but he did have some major opinions while on the USSC, including Palko, which set the way for the doctrine of incorporation (basically, not everything in the first eight Amendments applies to the states, judges have to figure out which ones do).

My big concern with Gonzales is the apparent cronyism (for lack of a better word). Maybe I'll put up a post tomorrow on who I'd like to see on the Court - some outside the box names.

11:41 AM  

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