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Kos admits Dems can't win without cheating

or so says a commenter at Red State (I'd not descend into that cesspool myself, so I'll take JK1150's word. and I'd not doubt it - Kos should know).

Announcement of Indefinite Cessation of Blogging Activity

(ok, not such a flurry. too tired to post more now, may tomorrow, or may not. eh.)

I intended to make this announcement a while back (like almost a month ago), but you'll take it when you can get it, and like it! For various reasons, some having to do with laziness and such, and some having to do with this blog's schizophrenia, its not knowing what it wanted to be, The Jade Monkey is going on a temporary hiatus (probably at least until 20 August, a few days after an ex-roomie's wedding) . The timing is good, as nothing new on the Supreme Court will be happening until 6 Sept, and really, what else is there? I may pop in briefly between now and then, just so you'll have reason to check in now and again. ;-)

I do not know what the future holds for this blog. The most likley option at this point is to open a second blog rather than to shut this one down. The split, as I currently envision it, will not have so much to do with content, but with register. The Jade Monkey will remain as it has sometimes been, a half-assed beginner's effort, offering shorter analyses and links to other things and arguments that have caught my interest (and probably moreso, as I won't be trying to avoid unneccessary clutter), with maybe some quirky humor thrown in more often. The new, as-yet-to-be-named blog, will be devoted to longer pieces of deeper and greater effort, and hopefully on more topics than politics, as this one has been mostly devoted to, including maybe some of my own attempts at fiction (stealing a page from KG's new effort, Wild Bill's Kicker). Another idea I'm kicking around is turning this blog (or a totally new one, having scrapped this one) into a group blog...we'll see if I can rope one or all of my roomies in later this month when I see them.

From the Uninetentionally Funny Reporting Department:

on the way home from getting dinner, a news blurb mentioning that plane crash in Toronto described the jet as "a non-stop flight from Paris to Toronto." Heh.

(never let it be said that I don't laugh in the face of (other people's) death (or non-death, thankfully, amen)

Jade Monkey: "I'm not dead yet, either!"

that announcement of (temporary) cessation of blogging activities should come tonight, after a brief flurry...